Top 5 Picks From the RPet Collection

  • May 30, 2023
  • By Prashanto Sen
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We believe within each one of us, we have a power that can force for good in the world.As a brand, we’re working hard to create a more vibrant future and our main goal is to limit consumption and minimize the amount of stuff that ends up in landfill.

RPet - Our all new collection, is an ode to the Earth that leaves less impact on the environment so that they stay in use for years. Crafted using 100% recycled plastic bottles, each product is a balance of functionality, durability and has an ability to age gracefully.

In this blog post, we have compiled our TOP 5 picks from this collection for you to explore.

1. The Practical Backpack

You have places to go, people to see, and so much to carry. Well, we've at least got the latter covered. Our Backpack is crafted for seasons to come, thoughtfully designed in 4 classic hues ( Black, Grey, Navy and Red ), this backpack is super spacious yet compact and a versatile choice to keep this moving for you.

2. The Functional Messenger Bag

Bold meets Practical in our RPet Messenger Bag. These timeless bags offer easy organization, dependability and comfort like no other. Easy to pack, easy to love.This spacious, uncluttered Messenger bag lets you leave work behind for leisurely weekend adventures.

3. The Versatile Duffle Bag

Whether you’re heading away overnight, or hitting the gym after work, our duffle bag is definitely made for you. Bring your adventurous spirit into the everyday with this versatile commuter bag crafted with Clever Storage Compartments, smart details and in material that is good for you and the earth.

4. The Compact Crossbody Bag

Minimalist? Yes. Spacious? Very. Dynamic? Definitely.
Our RPet crossbody is an amalgam of an excellent display of balance and minimalist exterior that is sure to catch your eyes. And believe us, the cleverly organized interior will win you over.

5. The Everyday Handbag

Crafted to stand the test of time, our RPET Handbag is built to flex long days and spontaneous getaways. Spacious as ever, literally great for all day play and truly an epitome of a mindful design and versatile style.