Working on the concept of sustainability through upcycling and recycling processes, we strongly believe in introducing quality products with zero wastage of natural resources. In order to make it happen, our team of proficient artists always come up with exquisite and incredible products developed by the brilliance of our craftsmanship, without doing compromise with our ecosystem.

Backed up by out-of-the-box ideas of our enthusiastic and dedicated leader, Mona B, a creative designer, we promise to launch new & customized styles & patterns for fulfilling the desire and expectations of the modern age people. Every single creation at Mona B reflects the values of the overall brand comprehensively. We hope that our efforts and initiative would create a better future, carrying such precious natural resources for upcoming generations up to ages.

We, at Mona B, are in the process of bringing a revolutionary change that comes only with an unparalleled amalgamation of dare and belief. Ultimately, our entire working system and fair business trade are based on the philosophy to take care of both ‘people and planet’, using natural & vegan dyes, leaving zero carbon footprint.

Our Vision

To be a global leader serving our mother earth with our different thoughts and creative approach focusing on producing products driven through only zero wastage. Spreading our quality and innovative products in every market worldwide, we aim high to meet the people with sustainable essentials true to their expectations and satisfaction as they always desire.

Our Mission

To build a better future for upcoming generations by introducing up cycled & recycled products with zero wastage of precious natural resources. To bring futuristic and innovative products without compromising with the ecosystem, we are on the mission to craft sustainable goods under ethical working conditions that result in minimal carbon footprints and good labour welfare policies.

Core Values

We believe to grow bigger together be it with our dedicated & creative team who brings innovative, futuristic, quality, and eco-friendly products or our trusted clients and collaborative partners who inspire us to introduce better every time showing unbreakable trust and unshakable confidence in us. Our organization is based on the thought of crafting products best for our people and our planet.